Raising Emma

I am a father now. Andrea and I have taught these principles to our daughter since she was a child. Now, she is entering her teenage years, and the light is familiar to her. She will sometimes mention to us when she notices its presence or absence in others. She tells us when she goes to a friend’s house, and there isn’t the same love energy that she feels at home. I keep reminding her that whatever she watches, reads, or listens to, she makes it a part of herself. In all things, we are careful to lead her in love. Love will persuade far more than using  authority or anger. She is evidence of how living these principles can help us to know the light. She understands the light, and she dwells in the light.

The following stories share how Emma has learned to "listen to the light."

There Are No Crabs in Nevada


When Emma was three years old, Vinney and Andrea helped a friend clean out a shed. Their friend offered some of the extra furniture, which they happily accepted and took the piece home.

The next day, Andrea was working at her computer when she noticed Emma side-stepping around the edge of the room instead of walking through the middle of the room as she usually does. Andrea didn’t think much of it, until Emma spoke up.

“Oh, look. There’s a crab on the floor,” Emma said.

“Emma there are no crabs in Nevada,” Andrea replied.

Andrea then received a very strong impression of a scorpion in her mind. She immediately scooped up Emma and put her on a bed where she was safe. Andrea then searched the floor and saw a scorpion — right in the middle of the floor where Emma normally walks.

“Vinney,” Andrea shouted. “Come here, there’s a scorpion on the floor.”

Vinney and Andrea worked together to catch the scorpion in a glass jar.

“It must have been on that furniture we brought in from the shed,” Vinney said.

Andrea asked, “Emma, how did you know to walk around the edge of the room?”

“Because they told me it wasn’t safe to walk in the middle.”

Please Help My Daddy Drive Home Safe

August 14, 2013, 9:15 pm

Andrea was cleaning up the master bedroom and Emma, four years old, was in the room with her. Vinney had just finished up work and was on his way home.

Emma suddenly dropped to her knees and said, “Dear Heavenly Father, please help my daddy drive home safe and bless no trucks will hit him or hurt him. Thank you for protecting him. In the name of Jesus Christ, amen.”

“Emma, why did you say that prayer?” Andrea asked.

“Because there is a man in a truck that will hit and hurt my daddy and I wanted to make sure he was going to be safe.”

Ten minutes later, Vinney arrived home.

Andrea met him on the porch and said, “Emma prayed for your safety while you were driving home. She said a man in a truck was going to hit you. What happened?”

“She was right,” Vinney said. “I was really tired after work and I also felt the need to pray for safety as I drove home. A truck did almost hit me but I felt angels take over the wheel of the car and steer it out of the way to safety and avoided a collision with the truck.”

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